Original Concept Development | Oldham Hospitality

New Business Development

Oldham Hospitality lays a successful foundation for your new business, starting with the following:

  • + New Business Plans that make way for thorough forecasting, proactive actions and preventive measures
  • + Clear and concise methods for organization help your business early and often
  • + Big picture mindset with an eye for the details, because it’s the little things that make developing new business a success
Concept Development

Oldham Hospitality knows that to meet the needs of the community, staff and owners, a new concept must include the following:

  • + Fully conceptualized voice and messaging in the marketplace
  • + A concept that meets a need in your community
  • +A brand that is thorough, niche and focused on your overall business goals

Oldham Hospitality offers the following centralized accounting services in order to provide daily property financial information while also controlling costs on-site:

  • + Daily Cash/Credit reconciliation including banking and credit card processing
  • + Weekly processing and reconciliation of Accounts Payables and business’ petty cash funds
  • + Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts and general ledgers
  • + Monthly processing and payment of Sales Taxes
Operations Management

Oldham Hospitality focuses on achieving customer and employee satisfaction for our partner properties through a hands-on managerial approach, including the following:

  • + Daily reminders of Company Policies and Best Practices to all member of the Management Team, or Corporate Staff
  • + Daily Maintenance Log Program to ensure general and preventative maintenance is accomplished promptly
  • + Regular visits to properties by Corporate personnel
Revenue Management

Oldham Hospitality understands that a successful and profitable business reaches its potential by utilizing tools to drive revenue through marketing, including:

  • + Daily Revenue Sales and Occupancy reports to Owners, Corporate Staff, and General Managers
  • + Monthly Profit and Loss Statements
  • + Monthly Utility usage report and review for overages
  • + Monthly Source of Business review including all print advertising and special promotions